QC Kinetix Protocols

QC Kinetix is a medical franchise that uses all-natural biologic protocols to help your body repair damaged tissues. Its services are not limited to treating painful conditions, though. It also offers regenerative medicine treatments. The company is committed to providing patient-centric care and is committed to promoting patient wellness through its treatment options.

It uses all-natural biologic protocols to stimulate the body to repair or heal damaged tissues

Biologic therapies are non-invasive treatments that utilize the body’s ability to heal itself. QC Kinetix offers several non-surgical therapies to address a wide variety of pain issues and injuries. Biologic therapies work by stimulating the body to repair or heal damaged tissues and promote healing. You can get additional information at Fort Myers Sports Medicine Organization

QC Kinetix offers nonsurgical treatments for musculoskeletal conditions, including joint inflammation and chronic pain. The therapies are customized to address the patient’s unique situation. The treatments are safe and effective and can reduce pain and improve quality of life. Biologic therapies are an alternative to surgery and addictive pain medications.

It offers regenerative medicine treatments

QC Kinetix has made great advances in medical science with their regenerative medicine treatments. Their mission is to improve the quality of life for patients and restore daily function. They are located in Asheville, NC. Read on to learn more about this exciting company and the regenerative medicine treatments they offer. QC Kinetix provides regenerative medicine treatments for chronic pain. It is important to note that not all patients are eligible for this type of treatment, and patients should be evaluated before they can be treated.

Alexandra Gibson, MSN, is a board-certified Physician Assistant. She originally obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science and Dance, as she has always been fascinated by the human body. She then went on to attend Albany Medical College and work at an Orthopedic practice in California, where she was able to witness the benefits of PRP injections. When she moved to Charleston, she found QC Kinetix and knew that she wanted to practice Regenerative Medicine.

Its clinic model is a medical franchise

The clinic model is a unique way to provide regenerative treatments to patients without resorting to invasive surgery. It allows medical providers to keep their day jobs while managing their clinics. In addition, patients enjoy less expensive treatments compared to surgeries. Furthermore, the clinic model allows non-medical investors to open a clinic without requiring a medical license.

QC Kinetix has a unique business model in which each franchisee owns a territory with one to fifteen clinics. This allows for maximum control of marketing spend in a DMA, and allows franchisees to enjoy a work-life balance. Franchise development plans call for the company to sell out its current 691 units by mid-2020 and plans to expand internationally in 2022.