Cloud Fax – A Convenient Way to Send and Receive Faxes

Cloud Fax is an innovative and convenient way to send and receive faxes from a mobile device. Traditionally, businesses have required a large, bulky fax machine and an on-premise fax server. But, with Cloud Fax, businesses can receive faxes using their smartphones or tablets.

With Cloud Fax, your employees can send and receive faxes with the click of a button. The service is available for both small and large businesses. You can configure multiple fax numbers and scale up or down as needed. To test Cloud Fax, you can send a free test fax email with a PDF attachment. For further information about  Cloud Fax, read the article

Cloud Fax has many benefits for businesses, including speed and security. It’s also environmentally friendly, reducing your company’s waste of ink and paper. It’s also more secure than manual faxing methods because you don’t have to print copies of documents. Moreover, Cloud Fax provides a full audit trail of your faxes, as all messages are encrypted before sending and transferred. Even if they are intercepted by a third party, the data remains inaccessible.

Another benefit of Cloud Fax is that it can store copies of your transmissions. This feature makes it possible for you to parse usage statistics and trends. This feature is not available with analog fax systems. Moreover, you can send and receive HIPAA documents with complete assurance. Furthermore, Cloud Fax is also green, as it doesn’t involve the cutting of trees.

The implementation of Cloud Fax is relatively easy. All you have to do is assign access, configure the software and train the end users. Cloud Fax will help you save on telephony costs and eliminate the need for dedicated fax hardware. This service also saves you from hours of tedious hardcopy scanning.

Esker Cloud Fax Services will help you handle large, confidential and urgent faxes with ease. It will ensure peace of mind, prevent interruptions in production and keep your business running even during seasonal spikes. Most importantly, it will give you the lowest possible cost via least-cost routing. It also guarantees high-quality documents.

Enterprise-grade Cloud Fax is a great option for businesses that have outgrown their fax systems. The flexibility of Cloud Fax means that you can send and receive documents from anywhere you want. You can even extend the service to your email inbox. Furthermore, enterprise-grade Cloud Fax solutions integrate with your back-end applications, automating end-to-end business processes.

Another benefit of Cloud Fax is its high level of security. Physical fax machines require paper, which is costly to recycle. Additionally, a fax is vulnerable to hackers. A malicious person could intercept a document and destroy it. Hence, it is vital to keep your confidential information safe. The cloud-based fax system ensures that the information you send stays secure and protected.