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Looking for a way to make money with your MMA site?
Affiliate programs are the way to go!

If you have an MMA or BJJ site. Simply sign up for an affiliate program, paste some html into your page, and you are in business!

Theoretically yes, but.......

The search for the proper affiliate program can be both difficult and aggravating. Finding a company that delivers merchandise MMA practitioners and fans want is a different story. The truth is that most companies DO cheat you. Even worse, they cheat the customer by either delivering poor quality merchandise or lousy customer service. This ends up passing the bad reputation to you by association.

It simply doesn't pay to do business with shifty merchants no matter what they promise. Let's face it, if they rip the customer off what makes you think they will pay you (or at least not short you)?

Now we've been in this business online since 1996 so there's not a whole lot out there we haven't seen.

Being that modern incarnation of Mixed Martial Arts is relatively new and many are not computer savvy has only further complicated the matter.

Now before we list affiliate programs we recommend we need to establish a criteria:

  • Quality Merchandise: Does the company sell products customers will be satisfied with? Brand names such as Koral, Krugans, Howard Combat Kimonos, are names people know and trust.

  • Customer Service: Do they answer the phone or respond to emails promptly? How about returns? These are very important for both you and the customer. If he feels cheated or disrespected he will remember your site referred him there (like recommending a bad restaurant). Once again, if the merchant won't respond to the customer what makes you think he will answer you when you are asking for your money?

  • Prices: If it's too high, they won't buy! It's as simple as that.

  • Affiliate Tracking System: What method is the merchant using to track the orders? This is critical to getting paid!

  • Commission: We actually list commission last intentionally. Many less than honorable merchants offer high commissions in an attempt to lure webmasters into their fold. High commissions mean nothing if you don't get paid! 5% paid honestly and on time beats 15% poorly tracked, having to chase the merchant with a stick, or simply never paid. Another consideration is that the best companies run smaller margins and pass the savings on to the customer.

The following are companies we recommend that have met the above criteria 100% and have a proven track record. Yes, there are some other good companies out there but they either lack an affiliate program or fail to meet one of the listed requirements. If you feel your company (or one you do business with) belongs on our list, please feel free to contact us.

  1. Jiu Jitsu Pro Gear : Fighters Market features the best prices and selection in Jiu Jitsu gear and Gis. They also have one of the best affiliate programs in the business. The owner, Bruno, takes care of his customers and affiliates as well. Sign up today and start making money right away! Easy payouts via PayPal and low minimum.


  2. : As with any non-US company, Muay Thai Stuff had a lot to prove. Did they ship the product? Was the merchandise good quality? Do they pay the affiliates fairly? In the world of Muay Thai shorts and equipment these guys are top notch! They have some of the wildest designs and best prices you will find anywhere. How about genuine Thai kick pads that retail for $124 on sale for $37? Ya, they are that good. Visit Muay Thai Stuff and sign up for their affiliate program by clicking here


  3. Gamma-O : Gamma-O is one of the most popular supplements and the choice of many top MMA fighters today. From Phil Baroni and Sean Sherk to Andrei Arlovski and Karo Parisyan, the list continues to grow. Now the guys at Gamma-O have an affiliate program that should put some cash in your hands and help pay the bills. They pay 15% and the average sale is well over $100.


  4. Smash Supply : As opposed to listing hundreds of items that are out of stock, Smash Supply has a well rounded lineup of clothing and equipment for the grappler, Muay Thai fighter, or Mixed Martial Artist. Smash Supply's affiliate program pays a generous 15% on all sales.


  5. Host Gator : Now although Host Gator is not an MMA related site, I felt it was definitely worth mentioning. Whether as an affiliate program you can be proud of or simply signing up as a customer. Forget about paying for separate hosting accounts for all of your domains when you can host them all in one place (unlimited domains). You also get HUGE bandwidth and storage space for all of them. All of this at a price that's probably less than you are paying to host one site. They also have real 24hr live customer service (Yes, I've called at 3 in the morning to see if they answer).

We hope to add other companies to this list in the near future.

Have you been stiffed by an MMA affiliate program?

MMA Banner Exchange is considering adding a list of companies to avoid. We would love to hear from you and get your story. Please make sure to include your name and contact info (We will NOT disclose your personal information to anyone. This is simply to avoid slander.). Email us your experiences here


Updated 10-26-12



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