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About MMA Banner Exchange

Our Mission:

Our mission is to be the best promotion service for Mixed Martial Arts Websites on the Internet. We do this through our easy to use system and superior customer service. We encourage our members to contact us and suggest anything that will help us to consistently reach this goal.

How it all started:

We've been successfully marketing online since 1996 and have seen more marketing ideas and sites come and go than we can count.

Ever spent hours, days, or even weeks on a marketing campaign just to see it go to waste because an alleged marketing website didn't live up to what they claimed?

To borrow a quote from a former Bill Clinton, we "feel your pain".

In the past we tried practically every banner and link exchange since the Internet began and had mixed results. Some gave away thousands of impressions that amounted to no hits and we had no way to verify if they even displayed our banner. Others brought us hits occasionally until one day (without notice) the site changed formats and began displaying hardcore porn banners. Still another took over 2 months to approve our banner and site (by then we had actually removed their banner code altogether).

The last straw for us was when we signed up for a banner exchange and installed their code on over 100 pages only to have our user name and password disappear from their system with no explanation or email replies.

The frustration had reached a boiling point and something had to be done!

MMA Banner Exchange is the result of that frustration.

If you have been promoting your website for sometime, you will appreciate our straightforward approach and quality services.

If you are new to marketing "on the web", you've come to the right place!

MMA Banner Exchange is the only Mixed Martial Arts Banner Exchange specifically focused on the MMA community. This is how we can deliver the highest "real" clickthrough rates in the business.

From MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Vale Tudo, Wrestling Sombo Websites to Dojos, Instructional Sites, Clothing, Gear, Fan Sites, Forums and more.

Together, we are committed to building the strongest network of Mixed Martial Arts websites worldwide!

One last thing,

This service is FREE!*

This is our promise to you.

David Robinson
MMA Banner Exchange

Get the picture?

Sign up now and start driving traffic to your website!

*MMA Banner Exchange may from time to time sell banner impressions depending on traffic and volume. Our free service will always remain free.



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